As we reflect on this year, and the future that lies ahead, there is so much that we all can, and should be thankful for, and so much that we can aspire to be, and do!

2017 has been yet another year of transformation – something that will continue – in our business, but certainly in yours, as you’ve continued to transform to capitalize on new business models, solutions and applications that you have or will bring to market and broadly, how we collectively can work to make every business in Canada (including your own), a digital business.

We’ve once again been afforded the amazing opportunity to work for and with incredible partners across Canada, but specially with great individuals, with such diversity in innovations, backgrounds, skills, and ideas, and for that, we truly consider ourselves lucky

At Microsoft, we really believe that our continued success depends on the diverse skills, experiences, and backgrounds that our employees, partners and customers bring to the industry.

In the spirit of truly creating a better and inclusive world – in a year where we’ve seen so much divisiveness, hatred and violence – where I truly do believe each of us can play an active role and contribute. When we are inclusive and celebrate our differences, we can make the world a better place to live in. We encourage anyone with an interest in diversity and inclusion, to join us on our mission to continue working together to land thoughtful, enduring and practical diversity and inclusion initiatives that transform our workforce for the benefit of the industry, our employees and our customers.

We hope each of you will take some much deserved time to rest and relax this holiday season– with family, friends, loved ones – and look to start 2018 with a renewed energy and passion to truly create a better world, personally and professionally!

Happy Holidays!