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Welcome to the Microsoft Canadian Licensing Blog! Each month, we will highlight key product/program licensing updates, alongside upcoming trainings to help you learn more about our rapidly evolving commerce environment.


Product/Program Updates:

CSP Program Mandatory Security Requirements Take Effect February 1
As announced in Partner Center, Microsoft has introduced new mandatory security requirements that help protect our partners in the CSP program ecosystem, as well as customers, from potential security risks caused by unauthorized access to CSP capabilities in Partner Center. The new security requirements include:
  • Enabling a new secure application model to integrate with APIs in Partner Center
  • Adopting and enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to access CSP capabilities and APIs in Partner Center
Please review the detailed instructions and FAQs available in Partner Center to ensure you meet the new requirements and avoid any service disruption.


Exciting New Microsoft 365 Offerings, Coming February 1
Effective February 1, 2019, we are updating Microsoft 365 to simplify and improve our security and compliance offerings and help clear the path to Microsoft 365 E5. Specific changes include the following:
  • Introducing a new Identity & Threat Protection SKU that unifies our security value across Office 365, Windows and EMS.
  • Introducing a new Information Protection & Compliance SKU to capture increased demand for data governance, information protection, search and discovery solutions due to regulatory requirements like GDPR.
  • Merging the current Office 365 ATP value into Threat Intelligence and renaming it Office 365 ATP Plan 2
  • Retiring the Office 365 Cloud App Security standalone offering as the value is included with Microsoft Cloud App Security, our most complete Cloud Access Security Broker offering
At launch on February 1, 2019, the new SKUs will be available through commercial EA/EAS, MPSA, CSP, and Web Direct.


Microsoft 365 E5 Nonprofit Now Available in CSP
Microsoft is pleased to announce that CSP partners can now sell Microsoft 365 E5 Nonprofit to qualifying customers in addition to the current Microsoft 365 Nonprofit and Office 365 Nonprofit offers.
The newly available offers (located on the License-based services price list) are:
  • Microsoft 365 E5 Nonprofit 31bedf01-9e57-4ece-a53a-d3656a563931
  • Microsoft 365 E5 Nonprofit w/o Audio Conferencing b456810a-c414-4e07-98fc-ef74e8175a09


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