For today’s marketing role, expectations of impact and agility are growing; drive leads, grow revenue, increase market share and contribute to company growth and profitability. The good news is, the marketing profession is evolving and becoming more esteemed. The bad news is, the marketer needs to be faster and smarter all the time. Add to that, the pace of change in the High-Tech industry, and its historical lack of marketing focus, and it becomes extremely challenging to execute marketing programs and engines quickly and effectively. Marketers who can master the art and science have a competitive advantage, but it’s hard. You can’t do it all yourself, all the time.


That’s why we’ve started the Microsoft Canada Partner Community. Calling all marketers…

We know that marketers at Microsoft Resellers and Partners confront changing consumer behavior, solution selling, more data, digital engines, and increasing specialty target markets and segments. You have a wealth of resources to help bring the right solutions to customers, but prioritization and efficiency of spend become critical elements of success. You want to focus on the right strategies and tactics to drive maximum impact.

Let us know what kind of marketing topics you would like to hear about. Join our Marketing conversations here and learn how to maximize your marketing impact.


What if we started sharing our thoughts on marketing trends and best practices every month?

As a marketing community, we have a tremendous opportunity to learn together and drive more marketing impact. A Partner who used digital marketing for Dental Practice solutions may be able to help a Partner with solutions in agriculture. A partner who specializes in Dynamics Implementation may be able to work with a Productivity Partner with a big customer base. How effective are Case Studies in convincing a reluctant customer? Where can I get Microsoft content to leverage on my website?

If you are a B2B Marketer or related professional and are looking to generate awareness, find the right channels and tactics to generate leads, nurture them and drive pipeline for your sales team, the Calling all Marketers webinar series is for you!

We ’ll be hosting one session every month, sharing tips, best practices, Microsoft resources and assets, trends and more, to help you take your marketing to the next level.

Also, we’ll have subject matter experts and guest speakers joining each month, who will share their experience, thoughts, and advise, that was key to their success. Register here


Bringing together people and resources to get faster and smarter

At the Microsoft Canada Partner Hub, we have curated Product information, Marketing Resources, Training and events, and a Community space, to help you get to market faster. You don’t have to reinvent content about Microsoft products. Instead, you can spend the time on your unique value proposition and delighting your target market.


Do you know that our Microsoft Marketers can  help you no matter where you are at on your marketing journey?. Yes! Only ask for help, start a conversation or share your best practices today and you’ll hear from us.

Don’t miss out. Calling all marketers; Together we are better.