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This is the last blog in the 3-part blog series that we’ll share on the Canadian Partner Blog on Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) Enablement & Support Benefits.
Read the previous blogs below, and Watch the on-demand webinar Maximize your Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) Enablement & Support


Benefits Webcast where we will cover the following topics:
    • One place for all support needs: partner.microsoft.com/support
    • Overview of Microsoft partner support offerings
    • Help answer you MPN and CSP questions with partner frontline support
    • Attain Go-to-market/or Co-sell ready with the Cloud Enablement Desk
    • Grow your cloud practice with technical journeys



At Microsoft, we know that the right technical foundation is critical to the growth of your business. Take advantage of your partner benefits with services that will help you succeed along your journey.
An important component to building or expanding a cloud practice is building your technical capabilities. Power up your technical teams with technical presales and deployment services that help you accelerate sales and deployments of customer solutions and accelerate your app development by leveraging your M Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) benefits.
Receive technical guidance from Microsoft partner technical consultants through a recommended path of interactive technical webinar and personalized consultations with virtual white-boarding, architecture reviews and shadowing of real-world scenarios, called technical journeys. Technical journeys are available across all customer solution areas.
There are several ways for you to engage with a partner technical consultant:
  • Technical webinars – Remote, interactive webinars allow you to ask clarifying questions as you learn; we offer technical webinars at no cost
  • Technical consultations – Personalized one-to-one technical presales and deployment guidance with screen-sharing; leverage your technical presales and deployment benefits, such as partner advisory hours
  • Dev Chat – Live chat with a Microsoft technical expert for Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 app development; the average length of a chat is around 90 minutes; if there is a need for deeper technical consultation, you will be referred to engage in a technical consultation; Dev Chat is also unlimited, at no cost, to MPN app developers (including network, Action Pack, Silver and Gold partners)

These are just a few of the real-world scenarios that we can help you build your technical capabilities for.

And if you have purchased the Advanced Support for Partners or Premier Support for Partners offering, you can leverage your Cloud Consult benefit to access technical consultations with the added benefit that your account manager coordinate your request and work directly with the partner technical consultant to prioritize your request, PLUS you will receive a recommended implementation plan; which is only available through the purchased support plans.


Technical journeys available for Microsot partners


While your Microsoft Partner Network benefits enable you to connect with Microsoft Partner Technical Consultants for any of your technical presales, deployment or app development questions, those partners that have actively used the recommended services along the technical journey have experienced 6 times more revenue than partners that connect with our team with individual questions.

For more information on all of the technical journeys and the recommended paths to consume these webinars and consultations, visit https://aka.ms/technicaljourney

Step by Step:  Learn more about how to use technical presales and deployment services


Don’t miss out on your opportunity to build your technical capabilities faster through the partner-centric technical resources and don’t forget to register  to watch the on-demand session to learn how to Maximize your Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) Enablement & Support Benefits.


Rami Noujaim