The opportunity for partners to participate in the AI market is omnipresent and significant. In Canada, we are leading the way, locally and globally, in amplifying human ingenuity with AI. Irrespective of industry, whether healthcare, finance, manufacturing, retail, government, or education, organizations of all sizes are exploring how to leverage AI-based capabilities to modernize their operations, improve their customer experience or more broadly, enable themselves to become a digital business.

AI will not only create endless business opportunities for partners, but also will provide competitive advantages and tremendous benefits to those who are leading.

As I indicated in my post “The incredible AI opportunity for the Canadian Ecosystem”, we have some incredible work being done by our partners to lead with AI, that we wanted to share. As the fifth in a series of “unplugged” Q&A, I’d like introduce BDO IT Solutions, and have some thoughts shared from Daryl Senick, Partner Data & Advanced Analytics

Can you tell us a little about BDO, and your core business?

Daryl Senick: BDO IT Solutions ( is the award-winning technology practice within BDO Canada that provides industry-specific technology advisory, implementation and managed services in support of Integrated Business Systems (ERP, CRM, etc.), Data & Analytics and Digital & Productivity Solutions.

Further, we strive to ensure that every one of our clients maximizes their return from past, present and future investments in technology and automation.

Thinking about your business, what type of customer/buyer do you target? 

Daryl Senick: Every mid-market player, across industry, can benefit from a strong foundation in Data & AI. BDO IT Solutions provide specific expertise in helping Energy & Natural Resource, Financial Services, Government, Not-For-Profit, Retail and Manufacturing organizations create key insights and completive advantages through their data.

With the evolution in technology and rapid changes in the marketplace, it’s not enough for organizations to simply be informed when making key business decisions, they need to capitalize on key insights ahead of their competition. The introduction and exploration of their biggest asset, data, can be used to modernize, mature and transform business strategy. Giving our clients an increased ability to make real-time, informed decisions that will give them a stronghold over their competition.


How have the advances in Artificial Intelligence helped your business grow?


Daryl Senick: We are seeing a dramatic shift in the market from leveraging data to truly harnessing the value of data through advanced analytics. In the last two years, we have seen most organizations start the journey of Advanced Diagnostics, Advanced Analytics, AI, Bots, Cognitive Services, and IoT.

All of these advanced data capabilities have delivered a new level of data value to our clients and as a result has significantly grown our data science practice.

Clients are truly recognizing the value of the science of data. This increases our ability to communicate the competitive advantages for organizations through analytics by shifting their lens of “what happened” to “what will happen” or “what should happen.”


Generally, when you engage with a new customer, what is the key business challenge(s) they are looking for your help with?

Daryl Senick: BDO IT Solutions serves as a strategic advisor to hundreds of companies across Canada and acting in that capacity we believe that all financial and investment decisions should directly align with a company’s overall business strategy. When customers engage with us, our approach will always be to first understand your organization’s primary business objectives and then to provide technology recommendations that complement those pursuits.

BDO IT Solutions brings a critical understanding of the influence and relationships that exist between IT and the other business units within the organization and we leverage that expertise within every engagement. When we talk to clients about their data, we look to improve their overall Modern Analytics Strategy, this can include any number of the below actions:


modern analytics strategy


Is there a specific customer that you would highlight where you’ve had a direct impact on their business outcomes?

Daryl Senick: Energy is one of the most important aspects of our lives; it invites innovation, and fuels our imagination with countless opportunities.

BDO IT Solutions was excited to work with a power and utilities developer, integrator and operator of distributed energy projects. The developer offers energy storage as a service at no capital cost to commercial and industrial energy users across North America. The company’s behind-the-meter storage solution provides flexibility and reliability to the grid, delivers meaningful cost savings customers, and offers a sustainable alternative to GHG-emitting generation.

The solution built by BDO, addressed the developers full range of data needs, incorporating everything from data acquisition through battery operation and providing an interface for customers to view their facility’s electricity usage in real-time. The secure Azure Machine Learning Studio/Web Services database and systems built the framework for them to continuously improve its forecasting and operational decision making.

Lastly, what are your thoughts on the future of AI and its impact on society?


Daryl Senick: Many organizations are struggling to know their customers at scale. Most digital transformation initiatives are based on decent level of customer intelligence within their organizations. Many larger organizations are looking at AI as a means to enrich the organization’s level of customer knowledge and intelligence at scale to deliver personalized experiences, products, and services resulting in revenue growth and enhanced profitability. The impact on society is the speed of acquisition and tailoring of those experiences, products, and services to meet everyone’s specific needs.



“The power of AI enables organizations to truly understand the needs of their customers at scale and enabling personalized experiences, products, and services resulting in revenue growth and enhanced profitability.” – Daryl Senick, Partner Data & Advanced Analytics (BDO IT Solutions)