Feb 08,2021

Build resiliency into your Microsoft practice

Gain competencies to help you adapt to a dynamic marketplace

The traditional ways of running a business may never return even after the pandemic. Recent trends indicate that increases in mobile shopping, work-from-home, and more reliance on the cloud will continue. And that’s great news for your Microsoft practice.

As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, you have access to the tools and services to build more resilience and help you thrive in a post COVID-19 world. In this blog post, I share some strategies and resources to help you make the most of a dynamic marketplace.

Has working from home made accessing new customers all but impossible? Perhaps you’re “waiting out the storm,” anticipating business will revert to normal when in-person activities resume. Respectfully, I disagree. While you sit on the fence, your business risks losing traction as the marketplace rebounds.

While life will one day will return to “normal,” every indicator suggests that the pandemic is fueling Canada’s digital transformation—especially among businesses and industries that resisted digital disruption. What does this mean for your Microsoft practice?

Double down on the three Microsoft clouds

To remain competitive going forward, you must deliver business solutions that reflect the new reality of a cloud-first economy. Part of that means aligning your business with Microsoft’s so that you can leverage the growing customer demand nationwide.

In your expert hands, the three Microsoft clouds can facilitate any type of digital transformation in every sector of the economy:

1) The modern workplace powered by Microsoft 365, including Office apps, represents a universal solution for any organization, big or small. At the heart of the modern workplace, Microsoft Teams has experienced rapid growth and taken the lead in remote communications, thanks to ongoing functionality and security improvements.

Meet the customer demand for customized Microsoft Teams solutions. Learn more about developing custom solutions leveraging Teams.

2) Business applications and advanced analytics through Dynamics 365 and Power BI finally eliminate organizational silos. Leaders can digitize their operations, end-to-end, providing unified and reliable analytics and insights into their operations. From this data-driven position, they can innovate and enable continuous improvement.

3) Organizations can achieve their potential with cloud services, platforms, and technologies delivered through Azure, the Microsoft Trusted Cloud. Azure offers technical teams the opportunity to deploy solutions and access a huge portfolio of services and technologies, including artificial intelligence/machine learning solutions.

Certification empowers everyone. Check out the Microsoft technical certifications chart illustrating the diverse achievements partners achieve.

Build resiliency by developing new skills

Focus on building your skills to get the most out of the three clouds. Microsoft offers an array of virtual training options. Whether you need to deepen your knowledge of the Microsoft clouds or sharpen your technical skill, our Partner Network has the right online course for you. Take a look to see how we can help you strengthen your business.

Microsoft Virtual Training Days offers free online classes and certification exams in both English and French. Leverage these resources to build your team’s competencies.

11 playbooks to choose from

Every sports fan knows that great performances don’t happen without great coaching. Microsoft created the Cloud Practice Development Playbooks as coaching tools to help you expand your cloud business. The 11 playbooks provide best practices and insights from over 1,000 Microsoft partners, and include topics such as artificial intelligence, security, infrastructure, and business apps.

Expertise differentiates one partner from another. Boosting your technical skills and reputation with Microsoft certification sets your brand apart. Read more about picking a playbook.

Support from a cloud specialist

Request direct assistance from Microsoft through a dedicated cloud specialist. These specialists provide one-on-one guidance to partners over six months. Along they way, they help partners do things like connect with customers through marketplaces, co-sell with Microsoft, select competencies, and activate Microsoft partner benefits, including technical training. Sign up for the cloud enablement desk

Fuel your dreams

The Microsoft Impact Awards 2020 Yearbook, the first of its kind, showcases 17 Impact awards, the winners, and their amazing stories. Discover how the most innovative companies in Microsoft’s ecosystem stood and delivered during a year of unprecedented challenges. From new applications of artificial intelligence to assisting Canadians with food insecurity, the stories in this yearbook will inspire you.

These are just two of the 17 stories of innovation from the Impact Awards 2020 yearbook.

Novari Health, a Kingston, Ontario based company founded in 2003, came to the rescue of Ontario’s Virtual Care Clinic (OVCC) in the immediate aftermath of the onset of COVID-19. Thanks to the reliability and scalability of Teams, Novari Health and Microsoft worked together to permit OVCC to handle 1,000 simultaneous, secured video conferences. This outcome dramatically reduced the strain on Ontario’s Telehealth Hotline at a moment of crisis. Importantly, Novari utilized live and on-demand training content to ramp up OVCC capabilities in record time.

Adastra Corporation, a Toronto, Ontario based organization with 20+ years of experience in Data & AI, found that the oil and gas industry was failing to recognize the value of their data as a strategic asset. In areas such as regulatory reporting, data management not only provides the opportunity to reduce cost and increase accuracy of processes but can provide innovative insights as well. For one client, Adastra leveraged the power of Azure to create a scalable end-to-end solution that consolidated nearly 80 different applications, which were previously used for reporting. Thanks to the high-volume data ingestion, machine learning, and AI capabilities of the Azure Data Platform, Adastra was able to reduce their client’s reporting time by 90% and help them take a vital step towards enhancing their holistic data strategy.

Invest in you and your teammates

You demonstrated a lot of resourcefulness and perseverance over the past year. With better days on the horizon, make sure your business can harness the demand for accelerated digital transformation. Don’t wait for a return to “normal.” Instead, take the next step with your Microsoft practice using the strategies and tools in this blog.