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Limitless AI

The impact of new technologies on healthcare and how Canadian partners can grab hold of the growing AI opportunity

This blog post is about limitless AI for Microsoft partners and potential partners and it explores the impact of artificial intelligence on Canada’s healthcare industry.

Today, practices differentiate by virtue of their use or non-use of artificial intelligence (AI) in their service delivery. This rule applies as much to all industries, but it is especially true of software development and IT companies across Canada. And, if you service the healthcare sector, the future favors early AI adopters.

Healthcare revenue segments

Let’s begin by understanding the healthcare industry and the associated roles. Then, we’ll look at how to break down an opportunity to sell AI services.

Within the entire healthcare industry, three groups represent the best opportunities for Microsoft partners to find new customers

1. Healthcare providers

The largest segment includes hospitals and clinics that operate independently or in larger networks to provide patient care. In this group, we include individual practitioners like medical physicians, nurse practitioners, and clinical social workers.

They seek to:

  • Enhance member experience
  • Improve care team capabilities
  • Reduce cost of care
2. Healthcare payors

Healthcare payors are insurance carriers, health plan sponsors (private employers or unions), the provincial government, and third-party payors.

They seek to:

  • Enhance patient experience
  • Improve care team experience
  • Reduce cost of care Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences
3. Pharmaceutical and life sciences

Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies research, develop, manufacture, and market drugs, biopharmaceuticals, biotech, and/or medical devices for human or veterinary use. They must comply with regulations that govern patient safety and efficacy.

They seek to:

  • Empower and protect health consumers
  • Accelerate scientific innovation
  • Enhance workforce experience
  • Build trust and operational agility

Statista reports that the amount of disclosed funding invested into the artificial intelligence (AI) sector in Canada has grown quickly from 2012 to 2019, with startup funding reaching US $ 658 million in 2019.

Building an AI practice

Unlike conventional computing, AI solutions mimic human sensory and cognitive capabilities to accomplish tasks efficiently and accurately. To understand how to find opportunities for new AI applications, you can follow this process:

1. Envision AI

Start with your existing customer base. Help customers see the many possibilities of AI. You can achieve this crucial step by identifying in their roadmap the AI tipping point– where AI becomes part of the daily operations and the benefits that result from it.

2. Implement AI

Whether in a sandbox or a pilot project, work with your customers to integrate an AI solution using either pre-built AI APIs or by developing custom solutions. Doing so deepens the customer experience and adds to the longevity and profitability of your customer relationships.

3. Deploy AI

AI solutions are complex. Customers often lack the necessary internal resources to support them. Providing support for AI solutions creates a recurring revenue for you. Without your AI support services, how will your customer cope when something goes wrong?

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

Focused on delivering more efficient care and providing end-to-end security, compliance and accessibility of health data, Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is your ideal business partner. As a creative partner, Microsoft is here to help you sell AI solutions. If you feel up to the challenge, here’s what you can do.

Learn how to combine Microsoft products and services like Dynamics 365 and Azure with your intellectual property and services.

Build solutions that address healthcare scenarios, like enabling personalized care, empowering care teams, improving operational outcomes, and reimagining healthcare.

Focus on these crucial pillars.
  • Increase patient engagement

Create an individualized patient experience to facilitate information sharing and ensure that every patient receives a unified experience

  • Empower health team collaboration

Make it faster and easier for care teams to communicate, collaborate, coordinate care, and generate insights that help improve patient outcomes and workflow effectiveness

  • Improve clinical and operational data insights

Unlock powerful insights that help support improved patient care, quality assurance, and operational performance

Get inspired! Draw inspiration from the many partner success stories found on the Microsoft Partner Network website.

Healthcare AI success stories

To help get you started, we’ve curated two Canadian healthcare success stories. Learn about ForaHealthyMe from Ontario and Tactio from Quebec.

The ForaHealthyMe virtual care platform launched April 2020 across Ontario to help support patients with spinal cord injuries. Often subject to complex conditions, these patients require more emergency support.

The arrival of COVID-19 posed a new challenge for SCIO employees and support workers. Suddenly, accessing a client’s home presented new risks to patients and frontline workers.

An integrated solution that combines patient/provider virtual care solutions, telehealth, analytics, disease management, and computer vision technologies, ForAHealthyMe leverages AI to enable providers to manage, engage, assess, and treat patients remotely in all phases of care.

Tactio, a leading digital health solution provider in Montreal helps patients, caregivers, and enterprises shift their mindset to patient-centered care.

Powered by a FHIR/SMART platform, 45 million people in 135 countries speaking 18 different languages use Tactio Health apps!

Tactio Care helps hospitals preserve bed capacity for high-risk patients. The Tactio COVID-19 Care Program is designed for medium-risk patients that receive care from home through Remote Patient Monitoring.

Both ForaHealthyMe and Tactio are just two of many innovative Canadian firms using AI to cut through the incredible complexity of healthcare logistics to deliver better outcomes for everyone, especially patients.

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