Jul 13,2020

Unleashing potential. Softchoice wins Microsoft Canada Partner of the Year 2020!

This post announces the 2020 Canada Partner of the Year: Softchoice! First, I will explain why, in a year of dramatic innovation across Canada, Softchoice earned the highest and most coveted award that a Microsoft partner can win. Then I want to use this same post to announce and recognize our most esteemed runner-up, Ingram Micro!

Every year, the Microsoft partner team across Canada collects and reviews hundreds of submissions from partners. Like a “Best Movie” Oscar for teams of technical professionals, Microsoft’s very prestigious Country Partner of the Year Award recognizes the best of the best in Canada.

These partners are truly innovative, strategic, and forward-thinking thought leaders who expertly leverage the full range of transformative solutions and technologies Microsoft has on offer.

As you might imagine, reviewing all the amazing submissions and selecting just one or two partners is no small feat! With Canadians innovating in incredible ways during a very challenging year, my team and I have been genuinely moved by the stories. I’d like to recognize and thank Canada’s amazing ecosystem of partners who worked tirelessly this year to empower customers and citizens to achieve more.


Anyone familiar with the partner ecosystem knows Softchoice. A genuine technology powerhouse, this enterprise of 1800+ multitalented professionals provides its customers across North America with an impressive array of services and products. With over 30 years of experience helping customers embrace technology to unleash their potential, Softchoice has consistently differentiated itself by investing in their people.

Softchoice’s commitment to technical excellence sets them apart. They have 142 Microsoft-certified experts with 13 Gold competencies and were Canada’s first accredited Microsoft Azure Expert managed service provider.

Softchoice excelled in every category possible, from their response to the challenges in 2020, to their transformation work with customers. They strategically aligned their business with Microsoft to leverage market demand then exceeded customer expectations. Their focus on customer excellence, digital transformation, skilling, community, and building an ethical business culture where employees feel included, all complement Microsoft’s business vision and mission to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more.

Softchoice Accelerators

Importantly, Softchoice also demonstrates a lot of practical creativity in how they combine Microsoft solutions and training to create unique and repeatable market offers. Softchoice Accelerators are great example of this innovation. Designed to drive user adoption of new technology (a perennial challenge for IT), Softchoice Accelerators use planning, communication, and robust training to empower digital transformation.

Softchoice demonstrated considerable agility during the challenges of this year. As part of their rapid support efforts, they released an impressive number of solutions to support their customers, team, and community.

Softchoice’s thoughtful approach to delivering solutions has enabled them to drive digital transformation on a huge scale, resulting in exceptional revenue growth and empowered customers. Their expertise in driving solutions across each of Microsoft’s cloud platforms, along with their keen focus on solving customer pain points and producing excellent customer outcomes—all makes them our choice for Microsoft Canada Partner of the Year 2020. Congratulations!

Runner-Up: Ingram Micro

Another highly respected and recognized partner, Ingram Micro, deserves major kudos as our Runner-Up to Microsoft Canada Partner of the Year 2020. Ingram Micro wowed us with their many accomplishments and simply incredible financial results, which included emerging as the single largest cloud service provider in Canada.

As impressively, their response efforts to support 5,000 partners during the last months has demonstrated the kind of leadership welcome in any industry. The company extended $110 million in additional credit with their Kick Start Financing Program, waiving financial service fees, and offering exclusive payment terms to partners as well as launching a Future Funds Program to offer additional support. Amazing!

Like Softchoice, Ingram Micro has made a major, sustained investment in training and innovation behind the scenes. Their multi-year investment in empowering their people has translated into one well-deserved customer success after another. They demonstrate that there is always high demand for expertise.

Let me conclude by congratulating both Softchoice and Ingram Micro for their truly world-class achievements and by thanking each and every partner who took the time and effort to put themselves forward for Canada Partner of the Year 2020 and our IMPACT Awards. Thank you for helping us to accelerate our Microsoft mission of empowering every organization and person in the world to achieve more.

Partners Truly Make More Possible!!



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