Jun 17,2020

Announcing the Canada IMPACT Award Finalists for 2020!

Microsoft’s success as a company depends on great partners, and the IMPACT Awards allow us to recognize those partners who have aligned their efforts with customer excellence, and who have created innovative solutions leveraging Microsoft products, services and technology. 

Each year Microsoft Canada receives a large number of IMPACT award submissions, and some very incredible solutions and stories from our partners. This year we received more nominations than ever, each with their own amazing stories. It was great to see the efforts from our partners and the success they are driving and it is truly inspirational to read about the transformational journeys and the solutions our partners have delivered to empower people and organizations, both in Canada and globally, to achieve more.  

This has been an especially challenging year for all of us including our partners and our customers, as COVID-19 has caused each and every one of us to revisit how we work, how we live and how we interact with one another. We have seen our partners step up in every way possible from helping customers to work remotely, support healthcare in the fight against COVID-19, support public sector in addressing the needs of our communities, or reimaging supply chains or other areas of businesses that had an elevated need while we work and live in these challenging times. Our partners have had a significant impact on people, businesses and our communities in Canada and globally with their tireless efforts, innovative solutions, and empathy towards those affected. We thank you for all the work you have done, and for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your stories.  

Our judges had the privilege of reading all these incredible nominations submitted by partners across Canada. Given the sheer number of nominations, it has been a very challenging task to select just two finalists for each award, which is why you will see three in some categories this year. This year’s IMPACT award finalists showcased their successes and continued to be representative of a broad ecosystem of partners, building and delivering innovative solutions for organizations of all sizes, on Microsoft technology. 

On behalf of the Microsoft Canada team, I’d like to extend our gratitude to each of our partners for your submissions and congratulate our finalists. Here is the list of finalists across all our award categories: 

Finalists for partner self-nominated Awards  

  • Modern Workplace IMPACT Award 
    • Avaleris Inc. 
    • Bulletproof 
    • WBM Technologies Inc. 
  • Business Applications IMPACT Award 
    • Alithya 
    • CRM Dynamics 
    • XRM Vision 
  • Datacenter Migration IMPACT Award 
    • Compugen Inc. 
    • Tata Consultancy Services 
  • AI & Machine Learning IMPACT Award 
    • MediaValet Inc. 
    • T4G Limited 
  • Application Innovation IMPACT Award 
    • Dapasoft Inc. 
    • Dimensional Strategies Inc. 
  • Commercial IMPACT Award 
    • Adastra Corporation 
  • Public Sector IMPACT Award 
    • Adastra Corporation 
    • Compugen Inc. 
    • Edsby 
  • Surface IMPACT Award 
    • CDW Canada 
    • Insight Canada Inc. 
    • WBM Technologies Inc. 
  • Social IMPACT Award 
    • ProServe IT 
    • RedBit Development 
    • Sparkrock 

Finalists for metric-based Awards 

  • Enterprise IMPACT Award 
    • Accenture / Avanade 
    • Long View 
    • Softchoice Corporation 
  • Regional Cloud Solution Provider IMPACT Award 
    • Adastra Corporation 
    • ProServe IT Corporation 
  • National Large Solution Provider IMPACT Award 
    • Insight Canada Inc. 
    • Long View 
    • Softchoice Corporation 
  • Indirect Cloud Solution Provider IMPACT Award 
    • Ingram Micro Inc. 
    • SherWeb 
  • Data Platform Modernization IMPACT Award 
    • Lixar I.T. Inc. 
    • Long View 
  • ISV IMPACT Award 
    • Citrix Systems Canada 
    • PointClickCare 
    • Zafin 
  • Modern Marketing IMPACT Award 
    • Hitachi Solutions Canada 
    • Ingram Micro Inc. 
    • Softchoice Corporation 
  • Tech Intensity IMPACT Award 
    • Accenture / Avanade 
    • Compugen Inc. 
    • ISM Canada 
  • Crisis Champion IMPACT Award 
    • Dapasoft Inc. 
    • Novari Health 

Beyond the finalists above, we’d like to make a special call out to a few partners who inspired us by driving diversity and inclusion with their companies and communities. Airgate Technologies stands out for their thoughtful program to hire people with Neuro-diversity. Insight Canada is another partner who has invested in a comprehensive diversity and inclusion program creating awareness and support through ally-ship, employee training, educational and networking events such as the Women in IT workshops, and Teammate resource groups. Canvass Analytics is a female founded AI startup with 78% of the team that is building the AI tech being a diverse team with different ethnicities. We encourage our partners to continue to think about Diversity and Inclusion as they build solutions and practices internally as well as with their customers. 

The IMPACT Awards have always been a key highlight and marking the beginning of Microsoft Inspire. This year we will be announcing the winners during the Canada Keynote on July 20, 2020. 

Congratulations again to all the finalists for the partner self-nominated 2020 IMPACT Award winners and the metric-based award winners!  

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement on the Canada Country Partner of the Year and the Global Inspire Partner of the Year award winner and finalist announcements in the coming weeks.