How innovative healthcare partners across Canada joined the fight against COVID-19

Like countries everywhere, Canada’s healthcare system has come under great pressure because of COVID-19 epidemic. We salute and thank our country’s firstline healthcare workers who put themselves at risk every day. To assist healthcare providers and practices in their most vital response effort, Microsoft partners in Canada have risen to the occasion in some truly inspiring ways. This post shares some of those stories. 


Originally started in 2017 in trials specifically customized to support the Spinal Cord Injury Organization (SCIO), the ForaHealthyMe virtual care platform launched April 1st across Ontario to help support spinal cord injury patients.  

Patients with spinal cord injuries live with an expensive, lifetime condition. They experience complex chronic conditions and require more emergency support. With the dangers of COVID-19, SCIO employees and support workers could suddenly not access their clients’ homes, leading to the potential for reduced services, increased isolation, and a serious risk. 

ForAHealthyMe empowers health providers with an integrated solution combining patient/provider virtual care solutions, telehealth, analytics, disease management, and computer vision technologies to assess human range of motion. The combined applications will enable providers remotely to manage, engage, assess, and treat patients during pre-op, hospitalization, and rehabilitation phases of care. 


In March 2020,  Intelex Technologies, a leading global provider of SaaS-based Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality management software, offered access to focused components of its EHSQ software platform free to frontline workers. The company rolled out its COVID-19 Community Response platform around the world, making it available to first to cities in Canada, the United States, the UK, and Australia. 

The Intelex COVID-19 Community Response platform empowers healthcare workers with an impressive set of capabilities. They can communicate and engage with workers no matter where they are; action plan to address shortages in essential materials or life-saving supplies; track exposure to mitigate spread and reduce risks; conduct symptom and confirmed case reporting; and provide real-time bulletins and document management to control evolving policies. 


NeoSystems provides a world-class QHSE software solution called ITRAK 365, which leverages Azure and the Dynamics 365 platform to enable companies to manage their safety and compliance processes. It allows its customers to mitigate operational risk, stay safe, efficient, and compliant in the face of increasingly strict regulations. 

NeoSystems has developed a dedicated COVID-19 instance and 15 preconfigured process flows designed to directly and immediately help any company dealing with the corporate effects of the pandemic. Companies can use ITRAK 365’s COVID-19 Response to check in with employees; track people’s movements and contacts; analyze corporate preparedness; determine everyone’s work-from-home situation; stay on top of travel requests and self-isolation measures, and much more. 

With plans to expand this service outside of the Dynamics 365 community as well as ongoing improvements in the works based on the needs of the community at large and government agencies, NeoSystems remains committed to the fight. 

Novari eVisit 

Novari Health designs, builds, and implements award-winning cloud-based, enterprise scale software solutions that improve access to care, coordination of care, and the delivery of healthcare services. Based in beautiful Kingston, Ontario, Novari has become one of the largest Canadian based digital health solution providers. 

Novari’s virtual care technology has been quickly called upon to assist in delivering care during the COVID-19 pandemic. They’re currently working seven days a week on continuing to provide patients the ability to see a healthcare professional without the need to visit a hospital emergency department or their primary care physician’s office. 

With a sense of purpose stronger than ever, the company’s developers are also working on introducing COVID-19 specific functionality in their Novari eVisit virtual care solution. 


OpenText, the Information Company™, is a market leader in Enterprise Information Management software and solutions. They enable intelligent and connected enterprises to manage, leverage, secure, and gain insight from enterprise information, on-premises or in the cloud. 

Early in the epidemic, OpenText developed a Global COVID Tracker all built on Azure and pulling data from public and non-public sources. The tracker enables users to track the virus on a national level as well as a US state level. 


Tactio is a leading digital health solution provider empowering patients, caregivers, and enterprises to shift from institution-based to patient-centered care. Powered by a FHIR/SMART platform, Tactio solutions integrate mobile, web, IoT, analytics, cloud computing, AI, and health systems interoperability. Totaling more than 4.5 million downloads, Tactio mHealth apps are used in 135 countries in 18 different languages. 

Tactio Care has helped hospitals preserve bed capacity for the high-risk patients with the use of a comprehensive Tactio COVID-19 Care Program designed for medium-risk patients providing care at home through Remote Patient Monitoring. Among the new core features of the program are remote-monitoring capabilities, such as COVID-19 symptoms questionnaire, body temperature tracker, respiratory rate tracker, clinical alerting, and secured messaging. 

More healthcare partner response stories 

Ready to keep reading about Canadian healthcare partners working wonders? You can check out the following stories of other innovators in the sector. 

  • Aware360 has moved quickly to adapt their SafetyAware solution to help organizations protect their employees and maintain business continuity.  
  • Commvault rolled out new no cost customer support offers for its data and information management solutions during the COVID-19 crisis. 
  • Dapasoft has developed numerous COVID-19 services, including a Microsoft Teams Enablement and a crisis communication application. 
  • Mozzaz built COVID-19 assessment, symptom tracking, and treatment protocols into its mobile patient management platform and has developed an Outbreak Management Solution for clinicians as well. 
  • Macadamian is offering a 12-month, commitment-free license to its HealthConnect platform to help organizations accelerate their fight against COVID-19. 
  • PetalMD is promising to enable healthcare organizations to facilitate the planning and management of COVID-19 quickly and efficiently with their platform

Wow! I wasn’t kidding when I said the partner response in Canada has been tremendous. And these are just some of the healthcare stories. In my next post, I will focus on sharing some of the amazing partner stories from the education sector. In the meantime, I will close this post with additional healthcare resources you can explore and investigate at your convenience. 

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