I would like to invite you and your team to join me and my team for the virtual event of the year, Microsoft Inspire from July 22-23. Here is your opportunity to experience Microsoft’s largest, most comprehensive partner conference at no cost! Now everyone on your team can take advantage of the valuable insights and connections Microsoft Inspire has to offer. REGISTER TODAY!

You will hear from Microsoft executives as they share their vision for the business, demonstrate innovative products and solutions, and discuss joint business opportunities. With community connections, you can network with other partners, have fun, and build skills with Microsoft experts. And deepen your knowledge and capabilities to deliver Microsoft-based solutions in the digital breakout sessions with interactive Q&A.

How and when you attend Microsoft Inspire is up to you, Sarah Arnold and I have put out a challenge to each other to see who can get the most partners joining them for the Core Note each day.

Sarah wants to be one of the first to experience the Core Notes, she will be joining the live feed at 12.30am July 22 wearing her favourite Microsoft Hoodie, drinking many cups of tea, with her feet up, living the live excitement.  #inspiredbysarah

For me, I am going to put on my walking shoes, my favourite Microsoft Hoodie and join the 8.30am Corenote screening and walk my way through the Corenote. #inspiredbymichelle

Over the next few weeks, the team will be joining me and giving you updates of what exciting and fun things we have installed for Microsoft Inspire.

Let us know which team are you on #inspiredbysarah or #inspiredbymichelle – post your comments, videos and inspire other partners to join us!  We’re looking for leaders, marketers, sellers, HR and tech teams across Australia to experience this incredible event!

Also, we have a Microsoft community which is located here