Jaron Cohen Go-to-Market Lead
Jul 07,2021

Migration made simple with LAB3 Dr Migrate

There’s now a safer and faster way for organisations to move to the cloud. LAB3 – a technology provider specialising in cloud-based solutions – has developed a data-driven tool to help businesses quicken migrations to Microsoft’s Azure cloud from an in-house setting.

Called LAB3 Dr Migrate, but referred to as Dr M, the service uses data to migrate workloads to Azure. It automates labour intensive tasks traditionally requiring spreadsheets and pivot tables.

Built on native Microsoft technology, Dr M offers real-time dashboards with technical analysis, application relationship mapping, network, and inventory tracking. It also provides modernisation treatment plans, cloud hosting, and migration effort cost cases.

LAB3 Chief Technology Officer Andy Lyons and Head of Solution Design Dale Heard share the benefits of Dr M.

The pull of the tool is clear. Andy relays how a major Australian superannuation provider swiftly changed its conversation from “We’re not migrating” to “Let’s get this moving” once they understood the speed, security and cost certainty associated with the technology.

Along with control and safety, shifting to Microsoft’s Azure cloud saves money. It also allows organisations to grow while working within the present infrastructure, meaning applications and data can improve without affecting business performance or customer experience.“We don’t win customer confidence when we give them a basic total cost of ownership overview,” says Andy. And it often leads to closing gaps by hand using spreadsheets and pivot tables.

Responding to the pain points, LAB3 has “supercharged Microsoft’s Azure Migrate appliance” by providing an agentless service. This means that customers don’t need to install agents on every virtual machine.

The Microsoft approved tool automatically learns how the company’s applications relate, calculates the best applications to migrate and then cleanses the system of old applications using infrastructure-as-code. It then integrates the migrated virtual machine with native Azure services.

“The technology shows an end-to-end report of what has migrated into Azure,” says Andy.

Dr M’s algorithms know which app needs to move with another, as it automatically detects their network dependences. Traditionally, these plans would take weeks to build. Now they generate in an instant.

Since the automation of the tasks is data-driven, LAB3 can identify which data point variables are needed to build the right agile landing zone.

Once partnering with LAB3 and using the Dr M technology, customers walk away with a complete view of the total cost of ownership at both an enterprise and individual application level.

LAB3 recently worked with a large energy provider, who predicted that the process of approval, discovery and planning would take several months. However, within seven weeks, LAB3 got consent from the board to do a mass migration.

Dr M’s speed, quality of assessment and migration, allows the service to work for any business – big or small, public or private.

Through its partnership with Microsoft and its innovative approach, Dr M also solves the problem of migration cost. Andy explains that its service is priced based on the size of the client. “We can be flexible when we know what their objectives are,” explains Andy.

Several LAB3 customers have also chosen to roll out Dr M into specific business segments, whether it be particular domains or VLANs.

“We’re looking for things like database or web assessments to make recommendations to get customers off bare metal or VMs and into native PAAS,” says Dale. “That can happen from the recommendations that come out of Dr M.”

LAB3 are expanding their roll out of Dr M with their listing on Microsoft Marketplace to further evolve their solution and reach new customer segments.