Sep 18,2019

Sentral nominated for ARN Award through ICT innovation in Aussie Schools

As the morning school bell sounds across the country, students, teachers, administrators and peers will be greeted by more than a chalkboard and notebook.

This is due in large part to the tireless work of Australian school management platform Sentral, which provides leading web-based ICT solutions to help schools seamlessly manage administration, student data and much more.

Sentral’s role in modernising school management across the country typifies the values of the ARN Homegrown ISV award, which recognises local excellence in the ICT market. With its tailor-made solutions, Sentral is helping administration staff, teachers and school leaders around Australia save valuable time in unnecessary admin to put the focus back on improving school and student outcomes.

The role for effective ICT solutions comes at a critical time for the Australian school system as well. With teachers increasingly expected to integrate technology into their classroom, the expectation and the reality are in stark contrast.

A 2017 report from the states audit office determined that ageing equipment, inadequate wireless networks and poor access to devices were holding back pupils and teachers throughout NSW.

Through its analysis, the ICT in schools for teaching and learning audit found schools were ‘struggling’ to meet the needs of their students with the funding available to them. Devices were found to be more than five years old on average and couldn’t run demanding applications.

Yet with an easy-to-use interface, Sentral has modernised the school management processes for more than 3,000 Australian schools. With less time spent on paperwork, these institutions are able to focus on what really matters, providing leading education outcomes for students.

From administration to attendance, wellbeing to assessments and even finance, Sentral offers an open API and integrates with more than 60 third-party software applications making it highly customisable and dynamic.

Impressively, to date, Sentral has migrated more than 500 NSW Schools to the Sentral Platform, which runs on Microsoft Azure, representing nearly 30 per cent of all NSW Department of Education schools.

The platform continues to redefine the way schools are managed in Australia. It empowers school leaders, teachers and school staff by aiding them with an intuitive and friendly software to manage all components of their work, granting them access to data easily without having to go through files and physical records.

“I love being able to notify staff members about any information using group message,” says Ernest Kulauzović, Community Relations Officer, Granville South Creative Performing Arts High School, NSW.

“The functions I use most revolve around searching for student information by making enquiries and the attendance system. But the best feature is m.sentral, which means I’m able to login and view critical information via my smartphone.” 

This is echoed by a School Administrator in Wadalba Community School, NSW whose “main role is to set up and administer the Reports package. In my five years in this role, Sentral has been integral to improving the reporting process.

“On a few occasions, due to the way some of our classes are structured, the team at Sentral have gone above and beyond to find a solution to my problem even when it’s been a specific issue to our school.” 

However, the solution is not limited to just full-time professionals. One casual teacher noted that due to the nomadic nature of substitute work, moving from school to school, classroom to classroom, the Sentral platform awards a peaceful sense of continuity.

“Being a casual teacher, walking into a school knowing they use Sentral gives me a sense of calm. Having the ability to access important information about a school and its students allows me to do a better job in providing uninterrupted education to students.” – Teacher – Vincentia High School, NSW.

Sentral is playing an integral role in developing a common vision about the role of ICT in supporting Australian education. It’s providing staff with appropriate access to technical resources that can remove the barriers and additional hours spent in lengthy admin tasks. Showcasing excellence in the local ICT market, Sentral would be a worthy winner of the ARN Homegrown ISV award.