Aug 13,2021

Catching up on APAC @ Inspire 2021

While the pandemic has kept the Microsoft partner ecosystem from gathering in person at the annual Microsoft Inspire again this year, it has not prevented us from #WinningTogether in Asia Pacific and emerging stronger.

Just in the last 12 months, the Microsoft Asia Pacific partner ecosystem grew over 25%. This growth, to us, is evidence of our partners’ trust in the Microsoft partnership and how our collective customers are increasingly looking to us as an industry to help them recover, rebuild and even to reimagine their business as they address the challenges that COVID-19 has presented.

This theme of Digital Optimism, of how technology will play a central role in the world’s recovery, was echoed throughout Inspire 2021. Every organization has been on a journey to become digital organizations and, in the process, achieve greater agility and resiliency.

We know our partners make more possible, and we’re deeply invested in their success. From building solutions together, getting to market faster and enabling partners to sell on their terms, our business platform helps our partners to chart a future based on sustainable growth.

The sessions and discussions that took place during Inspire 2021 will help our partners stay ahead of the curve so that they can better meet the evolving needs of their customers.

(Note: All Inspire sessions are available on-demand, while all announcements made during Inspire 2021 can be accessed here at the Inspire Book of News.)

Celebrating the achievements and impact of the Microsoft Asia Pacific partner ecosystem

Here in Asia Pacific, we kicked off the Asia Pacific Partner Community Session @ Inspire 2021 by celebrating the achievements of our partner ecosystem and the 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year winners and finalists from Asia Pacific.

As highlighted by Sandy Gupta, Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Operations for Microsoft Asia Pacific, “These winners played a big part in transforming nations, industries, and communities at a time when technology matters more than ever. Together, you and your innovation are an amazing reflection of the opportunity and impact this unique community enables. Partners do make more possible!”

The impact that Microsoft and its partner create was not just about organization transformation, but also on the community.  Launched in 2020, the Microsoft APAC Enabler program has helped 16 people with disabilities (PwDs) to secure full time roles, internships, mentorships, and training opportunities. Also, more than 110 PwDs are currently being matched to 65 potential roles with Microsoft partners in Asia Pacific.

And as we accelerate our efforts to help organizations and communities recover and reimagine their future, the need for a skills-based economy is becoming more evident. This is evident when we witness high appetite for learning resources, with certifications tripling (3.3X) in the last year and 32,000 certified individuals added to our partner ecosystem.

Winning together with our partners in Asia Pacific

Another key highlight of the Asia Pacific Partner Community Session is the fireside chat hosted by Grace Ng, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Global Growth Markets & APAC at Cognizant; with Andrea Della Mattea, President, and Vivek Puthucode, Chief Partner Officer, of Microsoft Asia Pacific, to provide partners with a view of the opportunities in the region and Microsoft’s investments that address these growth potentials.

Andrea expressed optimism about the opportunities for partners in the next 10 years in Asia Pacific. She said: “The next decade of economic performance for nations and organizations will be defined by the speed of their digital transformation. We see accelerated focus and intentionality on digitizing nations to better serve citizens, transforming industries to better serve customers, but also investing in digital literacy and skilling to empower people. And we’re also seeing companies and institutions adopting and embracing technology that they had previously never planned to.”

Vivek elaborated on partners’ opportunities in the region: “Partners have a lot of opportunities. But these opportunities will be dependent on partners’ investment in skills, and their ability to differentiate and build on solution areas that customers see value in. Whether it is industry clouds or specific solution areas such as security, app innovation and development as customers are looking for transformation, I am optimistic that we are not even scratching the surface in many of these growth areas.”

(Microsoft Asia Pacific GPS Team)

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