Jul 30,2020

Partner Success Story: Maxis drives end-to-end digital transformation for businesses

MSFT Background

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Equipping businesses for a smart future.    
Maxis offers Microsoft Azure IoT combined with the company’s Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity to deliver solutions that encompass security, and manufacturing.

Driving digital transformation for businesses.  
Maxis is enabling businesses to position themselves for a digital future with Microsoft Azure & Microsoft 365.

Delivering a digital workplace for organisations.
Maxis is offering new and innovative business solutions such as the Microsoft Teams phone license which will further simplify connectivity and collaboration.

“We believe that digital transformation cannot happen without world-class connectivity, and, together with Microsoft, we’re accelerating the digital initiatives of organisations with Malaysia’s leading next-generation converged network.”

– Paul McManus, Chief Enterprise Business Officer, Maxis

Empowering businesses across Malaysia with world-class connectivity.

Malaysia’s Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd (“Maxis”), enables 10 million individuals, families and businesses to achieve more in an always-on world. As a leading Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Maxis is a forerunner in leveraging technology for the good of the community in which it operates in. The company has been a Tier-1 Microsoft partner since the year 2015 and has since gone on to attain a Gold-certified Microsoft partner status while collaborating with Microsoft on several joint go-to-market initiatives. And in April 2020, Maxis went on to acquire a leading cloud solutions company, Infrastructure Consulting & Managed Services (ICMS), effectively positioning it as a best-in-class connectivity provider that rivals world-class system integrators and consulting firms.

Maxis chose to be a Microsoft Partner because Microsoft is one of the global leaders in a broad range of technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and digital workplace—the comprehensive range affords Maxis a broad scope for collaboration which is key to their ambition to be the leading converged solutions provider in Malaysia. The partnership allows the company to build on Microsoft’s solutions and amplify their impact for its business needs, and those of their customers—they are the first in Malaysia to offer a phone system integration with Microsoft Teams, which allows users to make and receive calls with their fixed-line number from any device right within Microsoft Teams.

Winning more, winning together.

Together with Microsoft, the company is delivering superior digital solutions to enterprises in Malaysia who demand only the best. Microsoft’s key strengths with cloud computing and IoT offer Maxis’s customers world-class connectivity and security powered by Microsoft and the Maxis’s MEF 3.0 certified, 5G-ready network.

Maxis has now strengthened its offerings in IoT, cloud computing, and digital workplace—the partnership has allowed it to offer fixed-line voice calls and virtual meetings with Microsoft Teams, which is a welcome extension to its fixed-voice product line up—effectively opening new revenue streams.

Achieving business as usual in the New Normal.

As a Microsoft partner itself, Maxis’s employees are effectively adapting to the new normal as a “Team”. Microsoft Teams has opened a new collaborative and secure space for its employees to meet, collaborate and connect with customers from any device.

Using Microsoft Teams, employees are now able to conveniently make and receive calls with a fixed-line number from any device, and everyone across the company experiences more efficient file sharing and collaboration with Microsoft Teams in Microsoft 365 integration—they can access files on Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint securely without the use of a VPN—creating a seamless and secure remote working experience especially during the several phases of Movement Control Order (MCO) situation in Malaysia.

Microsoft Teams has become a staple of their daily workflow, particularly in running virtual meetings. In particular, the built-in whiteboard tool and Microsoft PowerPoint collaboration functionalities were most useful in enabling teams to bring an idea to life. And for training purposes, a project team can be set up, and recordings and files can be easily shared among members, while everyday task management can be easily handled with Microsoft Planner, available in Microsoft Teams.

Maxis now hosts on average 1,600 virtual meetings a day and about 26,000 calls per month on Microsoft Teams. Overall active Microsoft Teams users in the company have also surged 98% since Maxis introduced it to the company in June 2019.

Maxis charts a digital future with Microsoft.

In early 2020, the company further extended its partnership—marked by an MoU—with Microsoft across three key fronts: 1. Internet of Things (IoT), 2. Cloud Computing, 3. Digital Workplace. 

Internet of Things
Combining Microsoft Azure IoT technology with Maxis’s IoT connectivity to deliver solutions that encompass security, and manufacturing.

Cloud Computing
Leveraging Microsoft Azure public cloud and Azure Stack services to deliver end-to-end connectivity—from edge devices to the data centre—and by doing so, meet the hybrid cloud needs of local organisations—in a way that only Maxis can.

Digital Workplace
Offering scalable end-to-end suite of solutions ranging from meeting room devices to Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, workstations and more to enable companies to stay connected securely and reliably without capex investments.

More value for customers, more empowerment for businesses. 

During the MCO period, Maxis offered customers a six-month free trial of the phone system license for Microsoft Teams; plus a six-month free trial of Microsoft 365 E1 from Microsoft, effectively enabling businesses to adapt to the new reality of working from home at a moment’s notice. The company is now working to take its partnership with Microsoft to the next level and tailor its Microsoft 365 offerings to the specific needs of customers from various industries.

Driving Malaysia’s digital transformation with world-class connectivity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation and the need to adapt to the new normal is clear—and Maxis is ideally positioned to serve, with its strengths in expertise in the network infrastructure. “As CIOs reevaluate their portfolios for the new normal, they need to start with the network as it is the foundation on which everything relies on. Organisations stand to benefit more from a partner that can offer a world-class network and Microsoft solutions together, end to end,” noted Claire Featherstone, Head of Enterprise Practices, Maxis. And with the ongoing Microsoft partnership, Maxis has full confidence that it is firmly on track to be enabling digital transformation for all organisations across Malaysia.

“Through our partnership with Maxis, we have a complete Digital Transformation go-to-market offering for customers which is built upon Microsoft’s strong digital ecosystem and solutions including Azure and Modern Workplace. With this, Malaysian businesses will have access to the most innovative solutions from our respective expertise in technologies like cloud, IoT and 5G.”
Yeo Swee Key, General Manager, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Maxis Broadband Sdn Bhd, Level 8, Menara Maxis, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Off Jalan Ampang 50088, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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