Nov 04,2019

Partner Support Series: How to manage your Microsoft Partner Network membership benefits

Originally posted on June 14, 2019 by Rami Noujaim

About Microsoft Partner Center

Microsoft Partner Center is a one-stop location for managing your end-to-end relationship with Microsoft. It has tools and resources to help you grow your business, including membership options, customer referrals, and the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. Learn best practices for managing your account, connecting with customers, buying an Action Pack subscription, and enrolling in incentive programs in Partner Center help library.

This blog explains how to start using your Microsoft Partner Network membership benefits in Partner Center. If you haven’t received an invitation to move your company information from Partner Membership Center (PMC) to Partner Center, you should continue to manage your soft Partner Network membership benefits in PMC. Sign in to PMC now.

How to manage your membership benefits in Partner Center

When you purchase a member benefit package you can claim your software keys and get employees more productive quickly. It’s easy to assign licenses, subscriptions, and other benefits.

Does your organization already have a Global Administrator (GA) for your membership? If not, or if you want more employees to be able to assign benefits, you can become a Global Administrator by following the instructions on your Benefits page (sign in required). Global Administrator status is not required to purchase benefits however only a GA may assign those benefits once purchased.

Benefit packages include allocations of internal-use rights software, cloud services, Visual Studio subscriptions, and support. You can get Action Pack subscription details on the Microsoft Partner Network site.

To view and manage your membership benefits, go to your Benefits page (sign in required).

Manage software benefits

  1. Select “Software” to see all your software benefits.
  2. Find the product you want to start using, then select the down arrow at the far right of the row to expand the product’s details.
  3. For each software product you want to start using:
    1. Select “Get keys” to reveal the product license keys. Follow any special instructions listed.
    2. Select the language you want the product to be displayed in.
    3. Select the operating system (OS) type of the computer(s) you plan to install the software on.
    4. Follow the links to download and install the software installation packages.

Manage cloud services benefits

  1. Select “Cloud” to see your subscriptions to cloud-based services.
  2. Find the subscription or product you want to begin using, then select the down arrow at the far right of the row to expand the subscription’s or product’s details.
  3. To activate Microsoft Azure usage-based subscriptions, assign yourself as a user. Go to the Microsoft Azure portal to manage the subscription.

To activate license-based subscriptions, select “Get keys” to copy the product license key(s), and then follow the instructions to activate your subscription.

Manage Visual Studio subscriptions

  1. Select “Visual Studio” to see your list of Visual Studio subscriptions.
  2. Find the subscription you want to begin using, then select the down arrow at the far right of the row to expand the subscription’s details.
  3. To activate a Visual Studio subscription, select a user from the list then select “Assign user”

Important – If the user you want to assign is not in the list, you can add new users in Account settings.

  1. Repeat this process for each subscription you want to assign. Users can manage their subscriptions in the Visual Studio portal.

You can reassign subscriptions any time by removing an assigned user then assigning a different user.

Manage technical benefits

  1. Select “Technical benefits” to see your list of Microsoft technical benefits.
    Technical benefits may include Microsoft product support incidents, partner advisory hours, and technical presales and deployment services.
  2. Find the support benefit you want to begin using, then select the down arrow at the far right of the row to expand the benefit’s details.
  3. To activate your support benefit, assign a user to it.
    1. Select a user from the list. If the user you want to assign is not in the list, you can add new users in Account settings.
    2. Provide an email address for the user that is different from the email address associated with your company’s Partner Center account.
      As a safeguard, we’ll email instructions for accessing Microsoft Product Support to this email address in addition to the user’s Partner Center account email. Note that it can take several days to activate this benefit and email instructions to the assigned user.
    3. After you finish entering the alternative email address, select Assign user.

Need additional help?  Contact Microsoft Partner Support

Get support from Microsoft’s own experts. They can help with partner program issues, pre-sale assistance, issues with Microsoft products, billing questions, and more. Start here to view your Microsoft support options:

The Partner Support Series helps you discover and learn more about Microsoft Partner Network support resources. Written by Microsoft Partner Relationship Manager, Rami Noujaim, each post addresses topics from your most common support-related questions, including technical support and Microsoft Partner Network program support, while sharing ongoing improvements we’re making to enhance your support experience.

Rami Noujaim is a passionate, experienced leader who focuses on helping Microsoft partners better understand enablement and technical support programs for building, expanding and supporting their cloud practices. Rami has been with Microsoft for 14 years and recently earned a Microsoft Champion award for his extraordinary results and exceptional commitment to customer and partner satisfaction.

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