Oct 31,2019

How to integrate Microsoft funding into your sales cycle

Microsoft strives to empower its partners to accelerate deal conversion and digital transformation with customers. Integrating Microsoft funding into your sales cycle through partner investments such as Partner Investments Engine (PIE) offers is one way we help partners move faster with customers.

As a quick refresher, offers are fixed sum investments paid for service engagements with end customers. Generally, PIE offers are funded with End Customer Investment Fund (ECIF) dollars and are used for pre-sales activities and post-sales implementation.

Let’s dive deeper into the value that Microsoft offers add to these crucial points in your customer sales journey:

Pre-sales activities

Integrating Microsoft offers into your pre-sales activities will make demonstrating the value of Microsoft products to potential customers seamless. Additionally, these offers will decrease the cost of common pre-sales engagements that usually burden partners while customers evaluate IT solutions.

By partnering together with Microsoft, utilizing offers at the beginning of a sales cycle can help partners demonstrate the value of the Microsoft stack and remove any barriers customers might have in adopting new technology into their business.

Utilizing Microsoft offers during pre-sales activities is most effective when partners are looking to:

  • Add net new customers
  • Upsell Microsoft solutions to existing customers
  • Demonstrate proof of concepts
  • Generate demand for Microsoft technology

Post-sales implementation

Once a customer is sold on partnering together, Microsoft funding can help accelerate digital transformation in scenarios where a customer’s budget is limited, ensuring customers are empowered to leverage the full capability of the products and licenses they own.

Utilizing Microsoft offers during post-sales implementation is most effective when partners are looking to:

  • Decrease internal barriers to full adoption
  • Supplement IT resources at an organization
  • Offset costs related to migrations and deployments

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